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Getting Your Project Management Certification
2015-06-21 15:05:29
Unimaple Technology Ltd.

Are you interested in becoming a certified project manager? In this video, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shares advice on how and where to get your certification.

Jennifer acknowledged that if you’re interested in certification that generally means you’re committed to being a professional project manager or you already are operating in the field of project management.

She clarified the point that some universities or colleges offer project management certificates, which are distinct from official certifications from the primary bodies.

There are two major certifying bodies: PRINCE2 and the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI offers a certification called the Project Management Professional (PMP), the primary credential for professional PMs.

The PMP certification has certain eligibility requirements that are outlined in a guide available on the PMI website. There you can see what category applies to you, which will depend on the level of experience and education you’ve completed so far.

The standards taught in pursuit of the PMP are outlined in the Project Management Book of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK®), also by PMI, which is a good resource whether you’re an apprentice or journeyman in the field.

Jennifer went into greater detail about how your educational background informs the certification category you’re eligible for, if you are interested in the other types of certifications. And if you’ve watched her video then you already have an interest, which we encourage you to pursue. Good luck!

Pro-Tip: Whether you have an associate, four-year or graduate degree, it’s important that you know the facts. There are certification pathways that may not be best suited to your level of education OR your professional development needs. Check with the industry standard practices in your field to determine the right path for you.

Thanks for watching!

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