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Is it Worth Getting PMP Certified?
2015-08-26 00:36:13
Unimaple Technology Ltd.

As a PMP (Project Management Professional) ensured task supervisor, I every now and again get posed a question that all PMPs have asked themselves eventually amid their vocations… is it worth getting PMP confirmed? Experiencing the procedure of taking the feared PMP examination is unreasonable and entangled, and obliges a lot of planning. Is it worth paying some dues to achieve PMP certification?

In this post I’ll walk you through a percentage of the advantages of getting PMP certified. If you don’t mind take note of that these advantages are just my assessments (however most are taking into account actualities); numerous other task chiefs have their own particular suggestions on regardless of whether PMP certification merits achieving, and they may be unique in relation to my own. I respect any information that other task administrators perusing this post may have.

PMP certification Benefits

The Advantage of PMP certification

PMP certification looks extraordinary on a resume

PMP CertificationPMP certification can bulk up a resume, and can have the effect between landing a position as a venture supervisor and being disregarded for another person (likely somebody who is PMP confirmed). Also, numerous head honchos oblige PMP certification of their task directors, and won’t employ non-confirmed venture chiefs. Having the qualification will positively make it less demanding to discover an occupation as an undertaking or system administrator.

Amid the application process for one specific employment I was chastised by an expert selection representative, somebody who experiences several resumes every week, for not having “PMP” adjacent to my name at the extremely top of my resume (I had it recorded further down, under “Expert Certifications”). She felt it vital to show in advance that I was PMP confirmed. What’s more, coincidentally, I did wind up landing the position.

PMP certification demonstrates that you have venture administration experience

Keeping in mind the end goal to apply to take the PMP exam you are obliged to have achieved a certain measure of experience driving and coordinating activities: 60 months (7,500 hours) of experience on the off chance that you have a partner’s degree, and 36 months (4,500 hours) of experience in the event that you have a four year college education. PMI (the Project Management Institute) has a review procedure to help guarantee that potential PMPs are being honest about their venture history (however as a matter of fact it is not a watertight procedure).

As I for one arrangement with customers once a day, I incorporate “PMP” after my name in my email signature. This gives me some starting believability when meeting new contacts (however just the individuals who definitely recognize what PMP remains for).

On the off chance that you don’t yet have the venture administration work experience needed to apply for the PMP exam, you may likewise consider PMI’s CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certification. CAPM certification has its own particular advantages and disadvantages.

PMP venture directors profit than non-PMP venture chiefs

Having PMP certification can score you a higher pay contrasted with those undertaking chiefs who are not ensured. Also, one study shows that the PMP is the most generously compensated IT certification (in any event starting 2008). All the more uplifting news: a second review demonstrates that PMP compensations are keeping on expanding.

Online you’ll discover a lot of sources demonstrating that PMPs make $6,000 to 10,000 USD every year more than non-PMPs; others will brag that PMPs make 10-15% more cash than the individuals who are not confirmed. As per the 2010 PMI Salary Survey PMP-ensured venture chiefs in six noteworthy nations reported a $10,000 USD pay advantage over non-PMP-guaranteed undertaking administrators.

Being a PMP can prompt systems administration opportunities and potential openings for work

Being a PMP joins you to the greater part of alternate PMPs on the planet, and there are a lot of those. As per the August 2011 issue of PMI’s production PMI Today there are 357,770 PMI individuals over the globe – and this number is developing. PMI stages regular PMI gatherings in most real metropolitan focuses, where PMI individuals (numerous, however not every one of them PMPs) get together to arrange and find out about venture administration hypothesis. These gatherings can likewise procure PMPs important Professional Development Units (PDUs) that are expected to restore their certification at regular intervals.

Amid PMI gatherings you can frequently get some answers concerning crisp profession opportunities from individuals who value the significance of PMP certification; these gatherings regularly have time alloted for individuals to stand up and share any openings for work that are accessible at their associations. What’s more, there are a lot of different groups, both online and off, where PMPs can associate with other task administrators, manufacture their expert systems and explore potential vocation opportunities.

PMP certification demonstrates that you have a pledge to the calling of undertaking administration

PMP venture supervisors have invested energy and exertion paving the way to and achieving PMP certification, which implies that they are in any event to some degree resolved to venture administration as a calling. Regardless of the fact that they don’t plan to serve as venture chiefs for their whole lives, they do comprehend the significance of PMP certification as a stage forward in their vocations, and that in itself recounts an imperative story. As a task administration proficient I am a champion of undertaking administration as a calling; it is my obligation to guarantee that venture administration is perceived as a legitimate precept, and that colleagues dealing with the activities I manage understand and respect its importance.


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